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Indoor Air Quality

The Air Advice IAQ Test Evaluates Your Homes Indoor Air Quality

Get The Facts: The AirAdvice IAQ test

The AirAdvice IAQ test pinpoints air quality problems in your home that can affect you or your family's health, as well as their comfort and safety. Total Comfort's HVAC professional places an AirAdvice IAQ monitor in your home for a few days where it measures, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide,carbon monoxide, and airborne particles in one-minute cycles. Then once a day it transmits the data via phone line to AirAdvance for analysis.

Sources Of Indoor Air Pollution

Information You Can Understand and Use. AirAdvice uses the data to generate personalized reports about your home's indoor air quality. You'll recieve a nine to twelve page report, which contains large, easy-to-read graphs that make it easy to see how pullutant levels changed over the duration of the test.

The information can sometimes help you determine the source of the problem. The report also suggests ways to solve your air quality problems. Using the report, you and your HVAC professional can work together to select the best solution. Schedule your AirAdvice IAQ test now.


Schedule your AirAdvice IAQ test now.

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There are many local, state, and federal credits and programs available for homes and businesses who use geothermal energy.

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